Reason A; Beauty

Not for everyone

Who We Are

Just for you, high-concentration cosmetics that deliver definite results

Strive for the highest efficacy that cosmetics can offer

REASONABEAUTY, the first to launch a 20% Niacinamide ampoule in Korea, has since its first step in April 2018 cemented its position as a pioneer of high-functioning cosmetics that bring about noticeable effects.

What We Do

The standard for High-Concentration Cosmetics

High-concentration cosmetics, Correctly

Visual pleasure and fragrant scents are not our concern.

We exclude all ingredients that can unnecessarily irritate the skin.

This includes not only fragrances, colorants, alcohol, harmful chemicals but also natural ingredients like essential oils, menthol, and various extracts.

Striving for allergy-free, low-irritation cosmetics.

REASONABEAUTY sets the standards for ingredient use.

The STANDARDS for ingredient use

 We apply scientific and strict standards

to avoid not only harmful chemical ingredients but also irritating natural ones.

Honest beauty without deception

Two ways of using Vitamin C

For the accurate use of active ingredients, we do not use extracts

│Even if the extract content is high, the actual active ingredient content can be low. 

│Extracts may contain ingredients that can cause allergies or irritation. 

Adequate content to improve the skin

Right now, check your cosmetics. Are they formulated with enough content to improve your skin?

Deceptive marketing ingredients cannot improve your skin.

REASONABEAUTY is a guarantee of high content and optimal formulation.

How We Make

Living Together, Environmentally Sustainable, Trustworthy