Our Motive


secrets that the cosmetic companies won't tell you

'Contains 90% natural extract'

'100% Increase in skin elasticity'

'using extracts instead of purified water'

There are advertisements decorated with fancy rhetoric, 

Dramatic Before/After photos... 

Consumers use Tons of cosmetics for fascinating and unreal ads. 

But how has the result been?
Why are you still searching for good cosmetics?

How to choose an effective product in exaggerated marketing and Ad business.

We are revealing secrets that Cosmetic companies don't tell.  

Don't be deceived any more

1. Don't be deceived by promises of natural ingredients

Use ingredients that are beneficial to your skin

Everyone claims they didn't use harmful chemicals. 

It is said to have been filled with natural ingredients without phenoxyethanol and chemical fragrance. 

But really, is that enough? 

There are two blind spots here. 

Firstly, the natural extract already contains chemical component. 

The extract consists of raw materials, water, and preservatives. 

 However, the preservatives used in the extract are not listed in the ingredient table.

So even if it's a natural extract, there are cases where it's nothing short of just chemical. 

 Secondly, natural ingredients can also irritate skin.

 Essential oils are used in place of chemical fragrance. But, these essential oils can also irritate skin and may cause allergies. Also, natural extracts contain many ingredients for which there is a lack of extensive research. 

Just take the words 'good for the skin' and It's often used indiscriminately.

For these reasons, It is crucial to select scientifically verified ingredients so that so-called Natural ingredients do not harm the skin. 

ReasonaBeauty not only follows EWG, 

but has taken the opinions of dermatologists and critics, 

based on papers of medical value to use proven natural ingredients. 

Also, no ingredients is used in extraction form.

Beware of concept products that are only superficial containing trace of active ingredients.


For example, in the case of vitamin C whitening ampoule, 

The actual vitamin C content is very low

There are products with an impressive yellow colour and a refreshing scent. 

 Is it because of vitamin C?


The answer is NO, it is because of pigments and spices. 

 Vitamin C is colourless and odorless. 

For Ampoule with high vitamin C content, there's no difference in appearance with plain water. 

 Don't be deceived by the concept.


What improves your skin is the content of the active ingredient, 

not the plausible 'feel'. 

 ReasonaBeauty's ampoule follows Ampoule standards, 

using high enough content to deliver the results. 

3. Don't be deceived by diluted raw materials

Do not fall for solution tricks of Natural Extract

To get optimum effect, avoid concept products with low content.  

High-content products must be used. 

However, there is one more hidden trick left

It is content notation using diluted raw materials which is often used to inflate a small content. 


 Products that use more than 70-80% of certain ingredients 

Or,  that claims to use extracts instead of purified water.


For products with too many of such specific ingredients, 

Is it really a high content product? 

or, just using diluted ingredients


A solution is often just diluted chemical raw material in purified water. 

For example, a 1% solution of hyaluronic acid, is a raw material that is diluted 100 times with hyaluronic acid.


 In other words, even if the product is advertised as containing 

"50% hyaluronic acid", 

The actual content is 0.5% which has been diluted in 1/100 ratio.

instead of "1% solution" that contains 50% of undiluted hyaluronic acid.

 (If 50% of the 'hyaluronic acid 1% solution' is used in the 50ml ampoule, 

The acid solution used is 25 ml, and the actual content of hyaluronic acid is 0.25ml


Extracts are natural raw materials diluted in purified water. 

Unlike Solutions,  verifying the exact concentration of Extracts is difficult. 

 If the concentration of raw material is ambigous, the content of Extracts is meaningless

Such products either are no different from 100% purified water,

Or,  can be using 5% of highly content Extracts.

 ReasonaBeauty uses undiluted solution in form of powder 

to meet the exact content catalogue,

Without using so-called Solutions or Extracts. 

4. Don't be deceived by the momentary feeling of use

Choose skin health instead of scent and ephemeral freshness

Choose skin well-being instead of Cool texture, refreshing and fragrant smell. 

It might feel good when applied, 

but causes unnecessary irritation and harm to the skin in the longer run.

Even if it's natural menthol and essential oils. 

 Most of the ingredients that are beneficial to the skin has a monotonous odorless characteristic. 

Moreover, it rather might smell unpleasant. 


Vitamin C is originally colourless.
Aloe vera gels don't smell like aloe

 Now for your skin, give up the momentary freshness.

Take a Break

1. Take a break from unnecessary products

Use only the products you need for your skin's health

Toner/lotion set, green tea line, vitamin line... 

Originally, this set concept did not exist in cosmetic world.


 You don't need to use a moisturising toner.

As there is no reason to use the same ingredient twice.

ReasonaBeauty aim for beyond ordinary.

By minimizing the use of unnecessary products.   

By offering you only products with visible effects. 

2. Get out of the price bubble

Purchase rationally

According to a 2018 Medical Today article, 

The production cost of cosmetics is said to be within 10% of Retail price

The costing proportion of packaging materials is much more than the actual constitutional ingredient of cosmetics.

 Not to mention, the high cost of advertising and Up to 40% of distribution fees. 

When summed up, the retail price for consumers increases drastically. 

We, at ReasonaBeauty, value a reasonable price structure. 

Minimize incidental costs such as packaging, promotion, and distribution. 

Invest in raw material and quality. 

Consumers have right to buy a Best product at a reasonable price. 

ReasonaBeauty strive to supply.